Derek Norris Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

It’s been a big week for Major League Baseball: Bryce Harper’s brawl with Hunter Strickland, Edinson Volquez’s no-hitter, Houston’s impressive win streak, Albert Pujols 600 homeruns and 10 Grand Slams. The latest of happenings is that of Tampa Bay catcher Derek Norris. Norris, former AL All-Star, is under investigation from the MLB Commissioner’s Office for domestic abuse. The Commissioners Office will soon determine whether there is sufficient evidence that Norris has violated MLBs Domestic Abuse Policy.

Thus far, every case has ended up in suspension. It started with Atlanta’s (now San Diego’s) Hector Olivera, and has since affected proven Big-Leaguers such as Jose Reyes, Juerys Familia and Aroldis Chapman; all of whom play in New York as of today. Norris is under investigation for incidents regarding his ex-fiancee. He called off his wedding and broke up with his ex-fiancee, Kristen Eck, over a year ago. Last night on her Instagram, she posted a picture of her and the 28-year-old Major League veteran and called him a “beautiful soul” and went on about how he’s a great man. She did, however, also accuse him of physically abusing her. She claimed that she only has $300 left in her name and doesn’t have any money after losing his money and the lavish lifestyle that they had shared. She explained how when they were through he had her go through their house and grab her things and leave. She stated that portion very vaguely and left it that.

Norris, who’s in his first season with The Rays, running the bases. (Credit: USAToday)
She’s upset because he made her leave her home, which is under his own name, and take her things with her. When you have a bad break up, you shouldn’t expect to live with him, share a bank account or see any of his money (outside of alimony. They never married, so there is none). No woman, I don’t care who it is, that has actually ever been physically abused praises the man and puts him on that high of a pedestal. As of right now, there’s no police investigation under the allegations that “he put her in a chokehold in 2015”. If there was legitimately a case as to what he did, the police would take action. There is zero marks on her throat and she has no proof of anything he’s done. So why is he getting so much hate from the media? Does the 14th amendment not mean anything to the media or the people of our nation anymore? As of right now, there isn’t a case. So while his name, public image and possibly career is being dragged through the mud, there’s no proof that he did it.

“Innocent until proven guilty” is something that the US was built on. There’s zero proof that he’s done anything to her. She legitimately sounds petty because she doesn’t get to live the lifestyle of high class and she wasn’t smart with her own money when she was with Norris. That is not right. Earlier today, she even said in the same blog post where she stated that she was choked that she “didn’t bleed, didn’t break bones, was not hit, kicked or thrown to the ground.” Then how she was physically abused is my question, because she claims she was. Why are we knocking Norris for that? It contradicts her prior claims, though she insists that it happened.

Norris has released a statement regarding the accusations claiming that he “believes” that it’s “wrong” and he’d “never do such thing”. While Kristen might be lying, she might also be telling the truth and Norris could be the one lying. However, without proof that he did such a thing, we shouldn’t point fingers just yet. Let the man do his job and play baseball until a verdict is reached and a suitable punishment for whatever happened is determined. Let’s not point fingers because there are three sides to the story: his, hers and what actually happened.

The MLB has yet to make a decision regarding Norris and should within the coming days. Norris is scheduled to start at catcher for The Rays tonight at home against the Chicago White Sox. He’s hitting 9th and is in his first season with the Rays. He’s helped further develop pitchers greatly in his short tenure thus far, known for his defensive work behind the dish. He will catch top prospect Jacob Faria in Faria’s debut a little under an hour from now. The game (June 7th) starts at 7:10.

Jameus Mooney, Head Editor 

(Image credit: The Sportser)